Saturday, 7 April 2018

Gathering #A2Z challenge

Gathering is the most awaited day of every student in their college life. Those late night events, fun week before the main gathering day and all the cultural activities keep the students very busy and the college very colourful.

Gathering is the day where friends from different class enjoy the event together. Students and lecturers come together during this day without any differentiation among them. Professors take part in the games organised with great spirit. Events, games and other activities are planned from weeks togther and we get to see some hidden talents of many students and the lecturers. Overall, gathering is enjoyed by everyone with great spirit.


  1. I remember the farewell parties in school and college. Those days used to be real fun. As usual your articles evoke a sense of Deja Vu

  2. Is it one specific day? I haven't heard of this before, sorry for the question :)

    1. Yeah it's a specific day. Its a annual social gathering were many events are celebrated.

  3. Good one! You brought out the joy of such gatherings in our college life very nicely through your words.. I recall, we friends used to gather for so many occasions and excuses: to celebrate birthdays, watch matches together, for joint-studies, for end-of-exam celebrations and sometimes just like that !


A beautiful sunset

A beautiful sunset captured on our last trip. It is always very pleasant and soothing to view the sunset or the sunrise.