Monday, 2 April 2018

Classroom #A2Z challenge

When I think of a classroom, not just a professor and students, blackboard and benches come to my mind but also chit chats during the class hours refresh my memories. Emptying the tiffin boxes sitting on the last bench, texting a friend over the phone and at times, getting caught from the lecturer all that comes to my mind. Sometimes, this small fun that we do during a class makes even the boring class interesting and keeps us away from drowsing.

I remember going late to every 1st class in the morning and pushing each other to enter the class first. Most of us hiding from professor sitting on back benches to avoid getting questioned, submitting an assignment at the last moment with the entire class having a same copied content. How I wish I can go back to college life one more time and have all the fun again.

When I look back I have so many memories and I feel happy that I enjoyed my college life. And all these fun and enjoyment I had in college did not stop me from achieving what I need. I feel toppers and studious people might have memories of only studying and completing assignments unlike last benches and other cool guys who have carried so many memories.


  1. Yes. I remember my college days too. The memories are evergreen. The amount of fun we had! I too wish I could go back just for a little time to my college days. Please do visit

    to read my 'C' link.

  2. Haha so true i too have done lot of pranks in my life and still remember all pranks but dont remember what i studied.

    1. Even I hardly remember what I studied. Thank you for dropping by, snehal

  3. Wonderful.. fun read totally! Your blog post took me back to my college classroom instantly. More than the studies and the professors, the fun, pranks and the chit-chats made our classrooms more memorable. Waiting for your D post to get back to college once again :)

  4. Throughly loved the setting. Fun read!

  5. Aah.. those classrooms. Sitting on the last bench for eating something or texting to each other. Getting scolded for laughing and at looking at the board, and even getting punished for coming late for the class, all this was so much fun during college days. Please check my 'C' post here (Theme-Indian Spices):


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