Trust left me broken Trust left me shattered
Trust put me into pieces
That could not be fixed ever

I trusted you blindly
I trusted you heartily
I trusted you than anything else
Only to be crushed mentally

Oh! Trust not anyone
To put yourself in affliction
Never lose your self to someone
Who has no obligation.

Few things a married woman should always remember

Getting married comes with a lot of responsibilities. In India, getting married to a man is like getting married to his entire family. You need to take care of their needs, likes, dislikes and have to keep everyone happy. Amidst all these, a woman becomes so busy that she finds no time for self. And sometimes, she remains quite when she is supposed to raise her voice.Here is a list of things that a married woman should never forget.1. Dedicate some time for yourselfYou may have too many responsibilities and a lot of day to day work to be carried out but it is not wrong to have some time for yourself. You need a change too from your daily routine. So once in a while take a break. Hang out for a movie or shopping or anything that makes you happy. 2. Be independentHow much ever supportive & caring your husband and his family are, it is very much important to be independent. Be independent and pay off your own bills rather than waiting for someone else to pay them for you. Be independ…

My most loved selfie

This is my favourite selfie of all and I am sure that it's gonna be my favourite forever. This selfie was taken in a place called Thekkady-kerala were we decided to babymoon before we welcomed our little bundle of joy.

I always have a special preference for travel and since the day my pregnancy got confirmed I was not allowed to travel much, it was just my home to office and office to home. And then even that had to be stopped as I was told to bed rest for a couple of months because of some complications. I was going mad staying at home between four walls literally doing nothing except eat and sleep. Though I had no physical activity, I was somehow mentally stressed and wanted to escape somewhere for few days away from everything and just relax. And after my first trimester when doctor confirmed that everything was perfectly fine and that I could resume back to my normal life, my first question was if I could travel and received a positive yes from the doctor with few safety prec…

Z security #A2Z challenge

It was a dream come true day for me and for everyone in the college and across our district as missile man of India APJ Abdul Kalam was visiting our college and lot of events had already in place to welcome him to the college but our attraction was the Z security that was given to him.
Many security arrangements were unfolded a day before and we could see a lot of built guards with dogs and all our classroom doors on the premises were locked and sealed. And we saw a couple of guards standing with rifles at the balconies. The stage had a D shape in front it and no one was supposed to cross it and few gunmen were already standing there and there were high chairs set upon the stage. There were already more than 10000 people who were waiting for him.
The moment had come when APJ Abdul Kalam was about to visit us and I was privileged to be a part of escorting him. All of a sudden we heard a lot of sirens and escort jeeps arriving near us. There were around six escort jeeps and missile man…

Opportunities #A2Z challenge

College is place where students can catch their dreams as they have lot of opportunities and scope to shape their carrier. Opportunities may always come in disguise. I have story of a boy who was not good at studies and was regularly irregular to the classes. He was always into his own masti mode and just managed to pass his exams. But he got an opportunity to attend an interview in an MNC after his graduation though he had no minimum % required to get the job. To everyone's  surprise he had cracked the interview and sealed the opportunity and he was 1st one to get the job in his batch. This was all possible because, most of the time he bunked the class and played only computer games and he was so into those that he never brothered about studies or results and the MNC that had come for interview was into computer gaming. And that helped him crack the interview easily. Here I just want to say that opportunity will come in your way only if your best at that.

Youth leader #A2Z challenge

I call college as a Youngistaan as we find many youngsters there with great energy and enthusiasm. From the beginning of the year, we would volunteer in many events and others would actively participate in those. Even professors would have a youth like energy. There would be youth leader in the college who would decide the events and activities that has to be carried out in the college. There would be elections conducted to decide the youth leader and voting would be with strict security. The tensions created in the college during this time was as if everyone were participating for the countries election. My friend had contested for the election and we used to go and talk on behalf of him to select him and that friend would treat us later in the canteen for supporting him. We would support him not because we wanted him to be elected but because we would be treated later. I hope many of us will have similar memories and have crossed the same lines.

Xerox notes #A2Z challenge

I have a great bonding with Xerox during my college. It was a tool that saved us in our crisis. We used to Xerox the text books instead of buying them and that too only during the exams or the internals we would Xerox the notes. It was a real saviour when we had to appear for our lab exams as our class guys used to get the micro Xerox of all the programs and would help us also by sharing it. We had a micro processor lab which the entire class found it difficult to understand the program and execute it and the entire class was saved by this micro Xerox. Xerox was a powerful tool for everyone.