Saturday, 22 June 2019

Happiness is a choice

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Are we really happy today? It depends on us. Happiness is our choice. If you want to be happy, you will be happy no matter what. And what makes us happy depends on each individual.

My daughter is happy even at the small things. If she sees a dog or a cow, she will jump in happiness. She is very happy when she see us coming back from the office. A small chocolate or a doll excites her a lot.

My husband is very happy when he does his job perfectly. He is happy when his hard work is recognised. He is happy playing with our daughter or shopping for her. He is happy when he play's any outdoor game or spend time with friends.

I am happy when my daughter eats without any tantrums or when she listens to me. Her every small milestone has made me happy. When I get a helping hand or when I get time to relax, I am happy.

This way if I want to write, everyone are happy in their own way. Earning money is a part of living. Even earning makes me happy as it gives me a feeling of independence. But I still carry out my other tasks and responsibilities. We cannot say we forget happiness while earning money. We still laugh, play, go out, enjoy and are happy. Even small things can still make us happy like an appreciation, a kind gesture, helping others.

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