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Attendance #A2Z challenge

When we think of our college life all that comes into our minds our classes, fun, friends. Not to forget, attendance which is headache in a students life, especially back bencher's and friends trying to give proxy on behalf of us and sometimes getting caught too.I still remember the long queues in front of our principal's office from students having a shortage of attendance to collect their hall tickets. Sometimes, I would also be one among them and I have no regrets at all for standing in the queue. And then cooking up some stories in front of the principal for missing classes. These memories remain fresh in my mind and make me feel like going back to college life one more time. People say it is bad to miss classes but I feel once in a while it is ok as far as you know the limits. After all, what fun is college without having some fun, Right?

Z security #A2Z challenge

It was a dream come true day for me and for everyone in the college and across our district as missile man of India APJ Abdul Kalam was visiting our college and lot of events had already in place to welcome him to the college but our attraction was the Z security that was given to him. Many security arrangements were unfolded a day before and we could see lot of built guards with dogs and all our classroom doors in the premises were locked and sealed. And we saw a couple of guards standing with rifles at the balconies. The stage had a D shape in front it and no one were supposed to cross it and few gun men were already standing there and there were high chairs set up on the stage. There were already more than 10000 people who were waiting for him.The moment had come when APJ Abdul Kalam was about to visit us and I was privileged to be a part of escorting him. All of a sudden we heard lot of sirens and escort jeeps arriving near us. There were around six escort jeeps and missile man wa…

Water is our life

I grew up in a small town in Karnataka where water problem was like a curse. We had to buy water every alternate day and store it in tank and barrels. So, I already had learnt how to use the water minimally and efficiently. But later, I moved on to a new location where there was no water problem at all. Whenever I turned on the tap the water would pour and I started enjoying it. Slowly, I ignored using water minimally and started using the way I want until one day I realised my mistake.
I was travelling to my mom's village on a very sunny day. I had a mineral water which was half empty. While drinking water I happened to drop the cap which became very muddy. I, instead of washing the cap and using it, discarded the entire bottle without even thinking twice with the hopes of buying a new bottle in some shop ahead of the journey. But to my bad luck, I found no shops till I reached the village. The scorching heat made me thirsty again. I badly wanted a sip of water but no way to ge…

College life - Theme reveal for A-Z challenge

As I am taking part in A-Z challenge, I had no idea how to start or what is it going to be like. As I received emails from blog chatter to decide a theme as that would help, I thought and thought for long, what should a theme be like? How am I gonna write revolving around the theme? And how to chose a theme? Finally, I made up my mind, stopped thinking more and chose College Life to be my theme. And that's it, I thought the theme is ready and in April I am gonna start with my posts. But, when theme reveal is happening and I see themes from other bloggers as well, I too started writing a post on my theme and what to expect. So, I will be writing 26 posts based on the theme college life, on how college life was, the fun in college, worries, tensions, happiness etc. Watch out my space in April for more.

Lessons learnt from a baby

Babies are wonderful creatures from God. They are tiny, they can't talk yet they make everyone happy around them. They attract everyone with their toothless smile. They teach us many things in their own little way. Things I learnt from my baby, that I feel everyone must keep in their mind. To love unconditionally: Babies show their unconditional love to their parents, grandparents or to whomever they are attached to. They do not know how to fake love unlike grown up's.To trust blindly: We all have trust issues even with our loved ones. Babies trust anyone whom they are attached to, a lot. Lack of ego: Babies absolutely have no ego and everyone should learn that. When a mother scolds, or when the father beats up a child, he/she will still go to them crying and a small hug or a cuddle is enough to make them smile. As we grow, our ego's grow stronger and we need to cut it down and be like a baby. To be curious: Yes, every baby is curious about what they see every day. And thi…

An old man in the park

One evening when I had been to a park, I saw an old man in his 70's enjoying with his granddaughter who was around 3 years of age. The little girl was enjoying with her tiny friends playing swing, slide and all the other games. The old man was around the girl keeping an eye on her. The girl's mother was busy having a discussion with a group of her friends sitting on a bench at a little distance from the girl. She was so busy in chit chatting that not even once she looked up to her daughter to see what she was up to. All of a sudden, the girl slipped off a swing and had a very bad fall. The old man immediately rushed to her, carried her and tried to console her. He panicked because the girl had a cut on her lips and she started bleeding profusely. Mother of the girl noticed the crowd after 5 minutes of the incident and rushed to see what the matter was only to learn that it was her daughter who was hurt. She immediately reacted and started shouting at the old man " Papa, h…

Sympathy - In the innocent way

On a cold winter morning, a boy set out on a leisure walk to a nearby park. The little boy was fully covered with warm woolen sweater, hat, socks and muffler to protect himself from the freezing cold.
On the way to the park, he saw a bird sitting warmly on a tree and chirping peacefully. The boy felt pity on the bird and thought to himself.Oh! Poor little bird, how can you protect yourself from this freezing cold the way I have protected myself with these woolen clothings. From top of the tree, the bird spotted the boy as well. Soon, even the bird had sympathy on the little boy for he was only covered with a piece of clothing according to the bird. The bird thought to itself. Poor little fellow has no feathers like mine to protect him from this cold. He is only covered with a piece of cloth which serves no purpose and felt pity for the boy. Both the boy and the bird had sympathy for each other in their own innocent way being unaware of the fact that they had best protection from the …

#BlogchatterA2Z- a challenge to keep me motivated

Being new to a blogging world and twitter, I somehow learnt about blog chatter and signed up for it. Saw various posts about April's A-Z challenge that were doing rounds on Twitter. As an innocent newcomer, I kept wondering what this challenge is all about. I started watching videos that were posted and started reading all the tweets about it and slowly I learnt that A2Z challenge is to blog every day in the month of April except for Sundays starting from letter A up to letter Z. There were many enthusiasts participants each year who have successfully completed the challenge. After knowing about it, I wanted to give this challenge a try and take my blog to the next level. But will I be able to do it? And for this challenge, where do I get motivation from to keep it going?
When these questions were striking me, I realized that this April challenge itself is a big motivation for bloggers to be regular and immediately registered myself for the same. I have no idea how it works. I h…