An old man in the park

One evening when I had been to a park, I saw an old man in his 70's enjoying with his granddaughter who was around 3 years of age. The little girl was enjoying with her tiny friends playing swing, slide and all the other games. The old man was around the girl keeping an eye on her. The girl's mother was busy having a discussion with a group of her friends sitting on a bench at a little distance from the girl. She was so busy in chit chatting that not even once she looked up to her daughter to see what she was up to.

All of a sudden, the girl slipped off a swing and had a very bad fall. The old man immediately rushed to her, carried her and tried to console her. He panicked because the girl had a cut on her lips and she started bleeding profusely. Mother of the girl noticed the crowd after 5 minutes of the incident and rushed to see what the matter was only to learn that it was her daughter who was hurt. She immediately reacted and started shouting at the old man " Papa, how could you be so careless? Because of you, my daughter is hurt. You can't even do a small job of taking care of this girl. You don't know how to grow kids. For no reason, you were standing around her without protecting her".

Seeing her reaction, he felt ashamed and walked off putting his head down. The lady dragged her daughter's hand and started walking.

Noticing this, I had so many questions and thoughts on my mind. If the woman was so protective, then why was she busy with her friends without even looking at her girl? If the old man had no knowledge of how to grow a child, then she wouldn't be what she is today.

Accidents tend to happen which is out of our control at times. Reacting to this and hurting others does not serve any purpose. We all want our loved ones to be safe and secure and nobody does any harm intentionally. It is on us how we handle the situation. With these thoughts running on the mind, I just left the place disturbed.


  1. when ever i go out.. i too observe things happening around us.. they r like short movies.. sometimes teaching us something.. sometimes helps to study people.. sometimes leaves us wandering for an answer.. and sometimes just a good time pass :)

    1. Even I observe a lot. Sometimes, we also learn something from why we see. But this one, really touched my heart and I felt pity for the old man and my anger for his daughter.


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