Lessons learnt from a baby

Babies are wonderful creatures from God. They are tiny, they can't talk yet they make everyone happy around them. They attract everyone with their toothless smile. They teach us many things in their own little way.

Things I learnt from my baby, that I feel everyone must keep in their mind.

To love unconditionally: Babies show their unconditional love to their parents, grandparents or to whomever they are attached to. They do not know how to fake love unlike grown up's.

To trust blindly: We all have trust issues even with our loved ones. Babies trust anyone whom they are attached to, a lot.

Lack of ego: Babies absolutely have no ego and everyone should learn that. When a mother scolds, or when the father beats up a child, he/she will still go to them crying and a small hug or a cuddle is enough to make them smile. As we grow, our ego's grow stronger and we need to cut it down and be like a baby.

To be curious: Yes, every baby is curious about what they see every day. And this curiosity leads them to explore things. If we can get curious like babies, then, we too will have an interest in learning new things.

Happiness in little things: When you give a baby a small toy or any small thing that she needs, she is very happy about it and feels on top of the world. Expectations don't get bigger or they don't show any signs of dissatisfaction.

These small changes, when learnt and followed in our lives, life will become simpler and peaceful.


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