Sympathy - In the innocent way

On a cold winter morning, a boy set out on a leisure walk to a nearby park. The little boy was fully covered with warm woolen sweater, hat, socks and muffler to protect himself from the freezing cold.
On the way to the park, he saw a bird sitting warmly on a tree and chirping peacefully. The boy felt pity on the bird and thought to himself.

Oh! Poor little bird, how can you protect yourself from this freezing cold the way I have protected myself with these woolen clothings.

From top of the tree, the bird spotted the boy as well. Soon, even the bird had sympathy on the little boy for he was only covered with a piece of clothing according to the bird. The bird thought to itself.

Poor little fellow has no feathers like mine to protect him from this cold. He is only covered with a piece of cloth which serves no purpose and felt pity for the boy.

Both the boy and the bird had sympathy for each other in their own innocent way being unaware of the fact that they had best protection from the cold.


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