Water is our life

I grew up in a small town in Karnataka where water problem was like a curse. We had to buy water every alternate day and store it in tank and barrels. So, I already had learnt how to use the water minimally and efficiently. But later, I moved on to a new location where there was no water problem at all. Whenever I turned on the tap the water would pour and I started enjoying it. Slowly, I ignored using water minimally and started using the way I want until one day I realised my mistake.

I was travelling to my mom's village on a very sunny day. I had a mineral water which was half empty. While drinking water I happened to drop the cap which became very muddy. I, instead of washing the cap and using it, discarded the entire bottle without even thinking twice with the hopes of buying a new bottle in some shop ahead of the journey. But to my bad luck, I found no shops till I reached the village. The scorching heat made me thirsty again. I badly wanted a sip of water but no way to get it. I regretted throwing away the bottle. Regretted wasting the water forgetting the lessons learnt about saving water.

As soon as I reached home, I drank water to my content. But the entire village looked very dry. I felt there is no charm at all in the village. In the evening when we went to the field, I see most of the plant's dried up. No crop growth. Most farmers are in loss and only praying and hoping for some rain. I felt pity looking at a plight of the village and the farmers. A farmer in that village even committed suicide as he could not repay loans since he was under loss just because there was no rain and he could not properly water the fields. I realised " no matter which part of the city we are, we should always use water efficiently and conserve it for future".
Saving water should not just start from home but from us no matter where we are.
Why save water?
Save water, not for you not for me but for the future. Imagine what will happen to the world, if the water gets depleted and no drinking water available. #cuttingPani is really necessary to save us, to save the future and to save the world.

I have signed a petition and have done my bit.
Now it's your turn to sign the petition at https://www.change.org/p/cuttingpaani


  1. Amazing post Sushma ji, really inspirational. If you are free do check mine thank you!

    1. Thank you Prasanna Dasari. Sure, I will check your's too


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