Z security #A2Z challenge

It was a dream come true day for me and for everyone in the college and across our district as missile man of India APJ Abdul Kalam was visiting our college and lot of events had already in place to welcome him to the college but our attraction was the Z security that was given to him.

Many security arrangements were unfolded a day before and we could see lot of built guards with dogs and all our classroom doors in the premises were locked and sealed. And we saw a couple of guards standing with rifles at the balconies. The stage had a D shape in front it and no one were supposed to cross it and few gun men were already standing there and there were high chairs set up on the stage. There were already more than 10000 people who were waiting for him.

The moment had come when APJ Abdul Kalam was about to visit us and I was privileged to be a part of escorting him. All of a sudden we heard lot of sirens and escort jeeps arriving near us. There were around six escort jeeps and missile man was in the center of escort. The moment they conway stopped, the Z security force were on their jobs and even we escorted him to the stage along with Z security. As he arrived on the stage he uttered to the people on the stage, by seeing at this incident all the audience stood up. The incident was, he asked the people on stage to remove the high chair and put up the normal plastic chair that was used for every audience. This was the simplicity of our APJ Abdul Kalam.


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