Vacation! A much needed change

Post delivery my life was only revolving around my baby from feeding her to changing her nappies, from bathing her to putting her to sleep. I had no time for myself and I very much needed a small change. I knew I cannot take a break but at least I can have some change to relax myself. So planned for a vacation for 3 days with other couple friend of ours.

Once in a while, a small trip brings in a lot of difference.
People commented what different is it gonna be in doing the same thing at a different place. But I felt, even a small trip and change in place brings a lot of difference and trust me that did relax my mind and we had a great time. My little one also enjoyed a lot and played well.

We planned a trip to pondy and that place was a real stress buster. From beaches to ashram, food to shopping everything was great. With my cooperative baby, things were easy and the trip was even more enjoyed. 

Responsibilities are a part of our life. Sometimes, we are so involved in our work that we forget to enjoy our lives or live in the moment. We might get stressed out. So even if we have a baby, there is nothing wrong in planning a trip. Go on a small vacation and enjoy life.


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