Happy birthday to world's best dad

Appa, no matter how hard I try I cannot be like you. You are a man of simplicity and down to earth. You have given a very rich culture to us (to me and akka) because of which we are able to survive in this world. You have made us strong and independent because of which we can handle any situation. I remember all your struggles and sacrifices you made just to make us smile. You are always there by our side as a strong pillar of support.

Today, on your 63rd birthday I wish you a very happy birthday. I just want to tell you that we love you a lot and Akka and I are very lucky to be your daughters. You are a gem of a person and you are loved by all for the way you are.
We love you appa and happy birthday.


  1. True.. dads are our first hero.. i know girls having good dads are lucky but, i also believe.. men having daughters are luckier.. :)

  2. True dhivya. Having a 10-month-old daughter, we feel we are blessed and luckier. I can see so many small changes in my husband as well


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