And finally! She is out of the abusive relation

Yes, Sanju was in a very abusive relationship. A relation where she had to undergo too much of pain. She was dating a guy for 3 years and in these years all that she got was tears and only tears. There was no single day where she slept without having any fights with. She was dominated and being controlled by the love of her life. But, she had no way to escape and moreover, she felt love to be stronger than the pain. 

She met her guy at her friend's party where she exchanged her number and started being in contact. Little did she know that she would end up being in an abusive relationship. Initially, things were fine and he showered loads and loads of love to her. She was showered with her favourite chocolates and gifts each time they met. As time passed, she started knowing his true colours. He started doubting her with every single guy, her classmate, her brother, an auto driver and everyone else. She was being dominated and rules were set on her. She had to change her number and he decided to whom she has to share the number with. He kept track of all her activities. He never allowed her to do things on her own and that she liked. She had to seek his permission for all the little things. 

Sanju tried hard to make him understand that she has a life of her own and that she needs some space for herself which ended up in a fight again. She finally wanted to give it a quit when he abused her for attending an interview without his knowledge and against his wish. He had already stopped her from attending two interviews saying what is a need for women to work, men will exploit her, she will have to talk to men at the office. But when third company came for placements, she attended the interview without informing him. She was successful in the interview and was placed with a very good package. Her parents and friends were all very happy except for him. He started showing his insecurities and started abusing her stating she cheated and lied to him. She realised this is not the life she is leading and deserves a better life. She thought to herself when her parents have supported her in all her dreams why is she spoiling it for a man who doesn't even respect her dreams. With this thought, she had to put a full stop to her relationship. 

She had given a lot of chances to her guy and would fall into the trap of his emotional blackmail. So she made a firm decision, went to her cousin's place to a different state for a month and kept her phone off. All this while she never contacted him and she spoke to her parents on her brother's phone. By the time she got back, she was over him and became stone hearted for his emotions. He tried contacting her several times but she didn't answer the call even once and she fully got over the relation.
Now, she is leading a very happy life and enjoying to the fullest. She has no one to script her life and control her. She has realized, when things are not worth it then there is nothing wrong with letting it go.


  1. True letting go sometimes is valid solution.glad she is out of abusive relation finally.

    1. Thank you for reading and commenting pragunify.


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