Tuesday, 3 April 2018

Dating #A2Z challenge

Dating is a part of college life and a part of a teenager. Secretly seeing someone, having a crush on a senior, falling in love, dressing up just for that special someone to look attractive is all very common.

You bunk classes just to meet your love, you wait for days to go on a movie date or a dinner date. When there is love, there is also break up. And how can one forget crying over a broken heart, friends trying to cheer you up?

The funny thing I remember about this love, break-up relationships are, your friend's support your love and when the person breaks your heart, they start cursing your guy. Also not to forget, the dramas you do to gain sympathy and support from your love and you understand how cooperative your friends are in executing the drama.


  1. You have well explained the fundas of 'chemistry', as we used to call it in our college days! Whew... those were some days.. some moments! Your post took my back to those lovely (and sometimes wild) memories !!

  2. Nice thoughts on dating! Do read mine on travel on my blog here http://saba-relishingrascal-scribbles.com/2018/04/03/darjeeling-the-drooling-beauty-of-india/

  3. All part and parcel of growing up. We've all had our crushes...not all of us had the chance to be in a relationship though.

    Nice topic. Brought back bittersweet memories.

    Do drop by mine.


  4. You bring back memories of my courtship days with my wife.

  5. A thing about love in this age is, it is as pure as it can get. The palpitation that you feel looking at your crush is just so cute :p


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