Hostel life #A2Z challenge

Staying in a hostel has helped me in many ways. I have learnt so many things. I still remember the day when my mom dropped me to the hostel for the first time and left the place. I wept uncontrollably. That was the first time I was staying away from my parents and being attached to my dad I did not know how I will survive without him. I was scared if I will make any good friends there and if there will be people to take care of me. But, as time passed I made some good friends and trust me they were like a family away from family.

During the days when I fell sick, my friends took care of me with utmost care and never made me feel homesick. Anyone who have stayed in hostel can always connect to how wonderful that life is. Maggie and bread always come as a rescue when you don't want to have the hostel food.

Being in a hostel has made me a strong independent woman. I have learnt to organise things in a better way, I have learnt to manage financial matters efficiently. I have learnt the value of relationships. Today, I am glad for I chose to stay in hostel for having learnt so many lessons and for carrying so many good moments today.


  1. I too stayed in a hostel during my college days. Those were wonderful days and it really does build personality and helps you to become a stronger, more independent human being. Wonderful article.


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