Opportunities #A2Z challenge

College is place where students can catch their dreams as they have lot of opportunities and scope to shape their carrier. Opportunities may always come in disguise.

I have story of a boy who was not good at studies and was regularly irregular to the classes. He was always into his own masti mode and just managed to pass his exams. But he got an opportunity to attend an interview in an MNC after his graduation though he had no minimum % required to get the job. To everyone's  surprise he had cracked the interview and sealed the opportunity and he was 1st one to get the job in his batch. This was all possible because, most of the time he bunked the class and played only computer games and he was so into those that he never brothered about studies or results and the MNC that had come for interview was into computer gaming. And that helped him crack the interview easily. Here I just want to say that opportunity will come in your way only if your best at that.


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