Happiness through the eyes of a child

Friday morning while I was travelling to my office I came across a incident that really touched my heart. If you have ever travelled in Bangalore from one direction to other then you will know the pain of travelling and how bad the traffic is.
My husband stopped the bike at the signal and we were patiently waiting for the light to turn green. I was busy in my thoughts of various things to be completed at office when my attention was deviated towards a small girl who was crying aloud sitting in the car. The girl might be of 7-8 years old and her mom consoling her that she would be picked up early from the school. To console the girl, mom slid her hand inside her handbag, took a chocolate may be an eclairs and gave it to the girl. The girl immediately threw that chocolate out of window and demanded for a Cadbury.
There was a small boy selling flowers at the signal. He arrived towards the car to sell flower when the girl threw chocolate. The boy sincerely picked up the chocolate and streched his hand to hand it over to the girl. The girl refused to take the chocolate and the mom asked the boy to keep the chocolate for himself. The happiness in the boy's eyes was unexplainable. He was on top of his world for receiving that small chocolate. With smiling face he continued selling flowers. Though I did not want the flower, I purchased jasmine flower from him, paid him the money and left as the signal had turned green few seconds back and vehicles behind were honking for us to leave them space.
That chocolate did not make any difference to the girl but the same chocolate made the boy very happy. I could sense the happiness through boy had through his eyes.


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