Puppy! A reason to survive

Meera was sitting in her balcony sipping hot coffee. Since it was Sunday she had all her leisure time. These days she kept herself busy and did all the extra work she could, to deviate her mind. she was very depressed off late and often felt lonely despite being surrounded by friends most of the times.
As she drank coffee she kept thinking of her past. She felt hopeless and dejected. She found no reason for her survival. She was ditched by her boyfriend with whom she had a relationship of 7 years. She fought with her parents for the love of her life and did everything possible to go against her parents. What hurt her more than the breakup was the fact that she did not listen to her parents inspite of their constant reminder that he was a very self centred guy and an opportunist. As her parents said, the guy left Meera for money and married a rich girl.
"Din't he think of me nor our 7 years of relation even once before ditching me to a New girl" thought Meera. Tears started rolling down her cheeks and she felt like giving up on her life.
As she still sat in a balcony, she saw a very old man playing with a dog and feeding the dog. The old man appeared to be very happy playing with dog. The dog followed everywhere the old man went and Meera felt how loyal dogs are compared to human. She thought of getting herself a pet and spending time rather than crying for worthless people and thinking of giving up her life.
The very same day she brought a cute little puppy. She fed the puppy with biscuits, milk etc and played with it. She slowly started forgetting things that happened. She found her happiness through a puppy and enjoyed every moment spent with it. Her depression vanished and she again found a reason to live.
Thanks to the most loyal friend, a puppy!!! 


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