Valentine's day surprise!!!

Knock! Knock! I go and open the door at morning around 8 to see my husband's friend standing at a door with a white bad in his hand. I invite him inside but he is busy on a phone call. He hands over the phone to me and there I listen to my husband's voice on the other end. I was surprised when he wished me "Happy Valentine's Day". That wish itself made me happy. Slowly his friend hands over the flowers to me that my husband had asked him to pick it up on behalf of him and leaves. My face turned red in shyness but was very happy at the same time.
I was very happy with that little gesture because I had started feeling it's celebrated only by unmarried and newly married couple and my husband proved me wrong. I was happy because I stay at my parents place as I have come for my delivery and my husband made it a point to wish me and show his love despite being far. I had not expected this from my husband as I felt that father-to-be would have lost interest in all this. I was overwhelmed because he made me realise, no matter what I will always be loved and taken care off.
No matter how old we grow in a relationship, small gestures of love and care will always make us happy and a child in us will be awaken.
Thank you my dear hubby for that sweet surprise and making me feel special.
Hope to see many more gifts from you in future 😉😜


  1. Nicely articulated! Love u apu. It will be never a big deal to prove if its truth, setting priority matters!

  2. hahaha ...
    liked the last line..."hope to see more gifts in the future" ...

    oh and yes wish you a happy motherhood :)


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