Daughter's will always remain as dad's little princess

No matter how old a daughter will grow, she is always dad's little princess. Though a daughter grows up to be an adult, gets married and has kids, the one person who will always treat her like an angel is dad. Father is the one who cannot bear even a small cut on his daughters hand. I can still see and feel in my dad's eyes the pain he will have if something happens to me. 
If I have to go somewhere out, I hear the word "Be careful" till I leave the house. I get so many phone calls asking about my whereabouts. If I say a word against that, all he has to tell is "I am concerned as you are still young". If I remind him how old I am he will always have a readymade answer "no matter how old you are, you are still small".
The same is the story even at my friends place. All my friends father's treat them as a small kid. But that is not the case with their son. Though they are concerned about their son and love them, they have extra care and affection for a daughter.
Even if a daughter grows to be a old women of 40's or 50's, she will still remain as a small little girl in the eyes of her father.


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