No! I am not a bad mom

If you are a first-time mom, then you probably know how it feels like. Every day is a learning phase for you and every day you gain experience in one or the other way. Not to mention you also get stronger day by day.
The difficult phase of motherhood is protecting your little munchkin from all the illness. You do your best to keep her safe, away from common cold and flu, yet,  sometimes things are not in your hand and your little one will be suffering from fever or cold. If your baby throws tantrums to eat, then somehow by hook or crook you have to feed her, even if she is crying. Because every mom wants her little one's tummy to be full.
The worst part is, you start getting comments and opinions from others about your parenting skills. Each person has a different comment and suggestion. The same thing happened to me when my baby fell sick. I was being blamed saying I was careless. Sometimes, if the baby cries while having food, again I am blamed I have no parenting skills and art of feeding.
But, as a mother, everyone knows what is best for their child, how to keep her safe and how to feed her. Sometimes, things happen which is out of our control. Now, I have understood that people speak whatever they want and however they want. As a new mommy, I am doing my best and yes, I am not at all a bad mom.


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