Juniors #A2Z challenge

It was a treat for seniors when they spot juniors in the campus. Seniors always demanded to be treated like god and these juniors followed all that was instructed obediently. When freshers entered the college, a fresher party would be organised were every junior was made to do things that were demanded. There was no opposition either. Ragging was a part of junior-senior relationship.

Even in the hostel, as I entered as a junior we were supposed to have food only after seniors, watch tv only if no seniors were watching. We were given to write notes or assignments from our seniors that had to be completed by them and we could not deny that but we made sure to scribble it in such a way that nobody understood what was written.They were many rules made by seniors.

Amidst all these, there was also a very good bonding between us. We were guided on studies, assignments, projects. We could sense their affection and love and all that teasing part was just fun which gradually everyone started enjoying and which also stopped gradually. At times when we were home sick, we confronted our seniors who made us feel comfortable by helping us come out it. Oh! Such a wonderful times it was.


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