Kingdom of knowledge #A2Z challenge

Amidst all the fun and craziness in the college life, what every student earn is knowledge. Knowledge that is carried throughout one's life. Knowledge about subject, knowledge about various other aspects and there is nothing wrong in calling college as a kingdom of knowledge.

Being in college, one learns how to communicate in a better way, how to present things in a interesting way, how to be a responsible person. Of course, all these knowledge is gained from childhood, no doubt, but being in college we get more exposure and the circle increases and so does the opportunities.
Knowledge is not just being strong technically but how to efficiently use it which is groomed in a college. We are guided on a career path that is best and running in the industry. We are helped and taught which career best suits us based on our interest and we are guided accordingly. Without all these, it would be difficult for anyone to chose a right path.


  1. life is a college and our experiences are the lessons learnt. nice post. You have no compulsions to visit my blog and leave your comment. I just wanted to share my love with other bloggers too. have a nice day:)

  2. Enjoying your A-Z, went back on a few posts too. It's been so many years I don't remember much of my college years, so nice to be reminded and reminisce :)


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