Library #A2Z challenge

For me library was all about books, books and only books until when I realized it was something more than that. We used library just to escape from our professors and hid there. A girl and a boy would use library to see each other. It was more of silent fun and sign languages than reading. We used library for some serious studies only during exams. The set up in the library, the silence maintained there would always make me feel very drowsy.

But the best use I made from library was using text books. We borrowed text books from there and renewed it timely after the last date and saved some money given to buy the books. And there are times we were fined for not returning the book on time and the way we escaped from giving them any fine. Library was like a peaceful and silent adda for many students.


  1. My college wouldn't let us check out textbooks, but one might be able to use one in the building. Libraries are nice places to chill out.


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