Mass bunk #A2Z challenge

When we enter college, missing classes are normal. For some people it becomes a habit and some don't like to miss even a single class. And there are others who don't attend even a single class but somehow manage to maintain a good score. I have seen some of the faces only during exams and then learnt that they were my classmates too.

But, at times there would be situation were entire class decides to miss a lecture and mass bunk. That is the best any student can ask for as no one will be caught the next day. And if at all questioned, the varied reasons coming from all the students would really be very funny. I very well remember when I was in college, sometimes, our lecturer itself would tell everyone that the class is cancelled and would ask us to be out of our prinicles or the hod's sight so that no one gets caught. It would be double the fun when entire class won't appear for the lecture.


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