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College plays a very important role in building our network and making our network strong. Having a strong connection with other students of a college and other colleges are very important so as to learn various things. It also plays a very important role during interviews.

If there are any inter college fest organised, we make friends with many students coming from different colleges. They in turn invite us for their colleges during any event. With this, we build our confidence and do not hesitate to take part in various activities.

When a fest was organised in our college, I took part in paper presentation. I got an opportunity to make many good friends from other colleges. Through those friends, I got to know about various others events organised in different parts of our state and was also invited to their college. I happily took part. I could see my confidence and presentation skills getting improved. With this new friends our network started building and we made more and more friends and got close to some like minded people as well. We started hanging out together, going out for movies, dinner. In fact, this even helped us in finding a job as everyone of us would be informed about opening if any one person came to know about any.
Having a strong network is very essential which can be easily achieved in college life.


  1. I grew a lot during college, but unfortunately I didn't grasp onto the networking bit until the end of my time in school. By then it was too late to have gotten as much out of the college experience as I should have. If I were to go back and do it all over again (or give other college students a tip), I would encourage and suggesting networking and friendships. I think those are almost as important as the actual classes.


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