Placement drive #A2Z challenge

This is the day which every student eagerly waits for. Everyone wants to get placed in the top company with a very good package. Before placements started in our college, we were given training on aptitude, a syllabus from the beginning was brushed up and we were guided on our presentation skills.

On the day of placements, everyone dress in their best formals and reach college with the hopes of grabbing a job. There is nervousness in every student yet there will be excitement that very soon everyone will be independent. The thought of earning my own money and becoming independent always made me feel like grabbing a job as early as possible. But getting an offer letter was not as easy as I thought. I had faced my own roller coaster ride. Attended interviews of few companies that came to the college. Got rejected by some and I did not accept a offer letter of some for my own reasons. And finally, I realized the happiness of finding a right job when I got placed in my dream company with the salary I had expected. My happiness knew no bounds.

During this period of placement drive and job hunting, I realized how desperate I was to grab a job, I experienced the pain of rejection, I came to know how waiting for something for quite a long time feels like, and also realised what true happiness is. After everything, most of us were flying with true colors. We were eager to finish our exams and wanted to join the office soon. Wanted to experience the happiness of receiving the first pay check and buying gifts for everyone at home. It was an amazing feeling of mixed emotions.


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