Quarrels #A2Z challenge

Quarrels are very common in college. Though it looks like a horror show during that time, it sounds very silly now when we think of it. Like anyone, I also had quite a few quarrels with my friends, roommates, bestfreinds. All the silly fights and arugments over a silly thing would leave us broken for days together.

I remember having a bad fight  during my first year of engineering with a girl who was one of my good friend once upon a time. I, along with my two other friends had such a big argument with the girl that we did not sleep the whole night. The only silly reason for having a fight was that girl was attention seeker and she was upset that we had been for a movie without her. We were frustrated with her behaviour since beginning and removed all our irritation on the day we fought. Our fights reached the ears of our principal and the next day, we were sent a letter to meet him at the office only to be patched up. Though we pretended to be nice before him, we did not talk to one another for four years. Only in the final year gathering, we left all our ego's and spoke to each other. Such is the silly quarrels that I still remember.


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