Ragging #A2Z challenge

There is nothing wrong if I say that ragging is a part of student culture. Every senior wants to show their seniority first by ragging the juniors. Of course, ragging is not a good thing but still ragging is fun if it is not too personal, humiliating and abusing. And one should never cross the limits and keep it only for fun.

Like every junior, I too was a subject to ragging but in a funny way. No seniors crossed their limits of ragging and neither did we cross our limits with our junior. Certain ragging incidents still put a broad smile on my lips if I think of it. We were made to sing a nursery rhyme and dance while singing. We were asked to speak about ourselves for 5 minutes and after every sentence we were supposed to say "my seniors our great". And there were many more funny ragging incidents that I faced and enjoyed.

Ragging in a healthy way has helped in bonding with seniors and other friends. The relationships became stronger. College days became easier with the guidance of seniors.


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