Saturday, 29 June 2019

A beautiful sunset

A beautiful sunset captured on our last trip. It is always very pleasant and soothing to view the sunset or the sunrise. 

Sunday, 23 June 2019

A brave heart

He promised to be back.
With a peck on her cheek.
She bid good bye.
With tears in her eyes.

She waited for his call.
She waited for his message.
She waited to show him their new born who resembled him.

With every knock on the door, she expected his return.
Days passed to weeks and weeks to month with no clue of his return.
Finally a day arrived were she received a call that he is on the way.
She cleant the house, lighted lamps and dressed her son in a best possible way.

She opened the door and fell unconscious when she saw his coprse in front of the house.
She regained strength and stood with broken heart.
She saluted and said she is not scared even if her son wants to serve the nation following his path.

Saturday, 22 June 2019

Happiness is a choice

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Are we really happy today? It depends on us. Happiness is our choice. If you want to be happy, you will be happy no matter what. And what makes us happy depends on each individual.

My daughter is happy even at the small things. If she sees a dog or a cow, she will jump in happiness. She is very happy when she see us coming back from the office. A small chocolate or a doll excites her a lot.

My husband is very happy when he does his job perfectly. He is happy when his hard work is recognised. He is happy playing with our daughter or shopping for her. He is happy when he play's any outdoor game or spend time with friends.

I am happy when my daughter eats without any tantrums or when she listens to me. Her every small milestone has made me happy. When I get a helping hand or when I get time to relax, I am happy.

This way if I want to write, everyone are happy in their own way. Earning money is a part of living. Even earning makes me happy as it gives me a feeling of independence. But I still carry out my other tasks and responsibilities. We cannot say we forget happiness while earning money. We still laugh, play, go out, enjoy and are happy. Even small things can still make us happy like an appreciation, a kind gesture, helping others.

Wednesday, 19 June 2019

Annoying things I get to hear

It's been a long time since I have written something. My busy schedule, professional and personal commitment kept me out of writing. But today, the reason for me to write is frustration. I am so frustrated at certain things that it pushed me to write. Here are few things that I am very frustrated.

Mesnturation: Yes, I am mensturating. But that is not the reason for my frustration. The reason is how mensturation is looked at even today. I came out of my room in the morning to have a cup of coffee and I was asked to have bath first, before anything as others should perform puja. Now, how would me having bath make any difference? Will it stop my periods for rest of the days? Why is mensuration seen as a dirty thing when it is a normal process of a women which lasts for 5 days? Why is a women untouchable for 5 days just because she is going through a normal process?

Bangles and bindi: Okay, now, I am married and I am not very particular about bangles or bindi. But that does not make me less married or less women. I know how to dress in what occasion and when to wear bangle and bindi. But why is a women judged about culture and upbringing for a bindi and bangle? I have seen so called cultured people with bangle and bindi behaving in a uncultered way with no etiquettes and moral values. If that is called as culture, then I definitely do not wish to follow that culture.

Women in a marrige need to adjust and have patience: Wow! So what will men do? Test women's patience? I am not saying having patience and adjusting is wrong. But why to mandate it only for women? Both husband and wife have their equal share in a marriage and both are bound to adjust with each other and have patience. Successful marriage is in both the husband and wives hand, not just a wife.

Don't wear revealing clothes to welcome rape: Sure. But please give me list of what type of clothes to wear. It is better if the list contains clothes to be worn for every age group. Because rape happens even to a 8 month old baby who does not know anything expect for her family and even at a 3 year old or even at 60 year old. Or better why not people stop lecturing a women. Instead of lecturing a women, it is better if your son is taught to behave well and respect women. Then even with a two piece dress, women will feel safe and be safe.

People want to get modernized. People want to get all the luxury and comfort. People want change in the society and want things to improve. But people fail to improve their thought process. People fail to change their mindset. Because of which most women get to hear these things in their daily lives.

Friday, 22 June 2018


Trust left me broken
Trust left me shattered
Trust put me into pieces
That could not be fixed ever

I trusted you blindly
I trusted you heartily
I trusted you than anything else
Only to be crushed mentally

Oh! Trust not anyone
To put yourself in affliction
Never lose your self to someone
Who has no obligation.

Monday, 4 June 2018

Few things a married woman should always remember

Getting married comes with a lot of responsibilities. In India, getting married to a man is like getting married to his entire family. You need to take care of their needs, likes, dislikes and have to keep everyone happy. Amidst all these, a woman becomes so busy that she finds no time for self. And sometimes, she remains quite when she is supposed to raise her voice.

Here is a list of things that a married woman should never forget.

1. Dedicate some time for yourself

  You may have too many responsibilities and a lot of day to day work to be carried out but it is not wrong to have some time for yourself. You need a change too from your daily routine. So once in a while take a break. Hang out for a movie or shopping or anything that makes you happy.

2. Be independent

How much ever supportive & caring your husband and his family are, it is very much important to be independent. Be independent and pay off your own bills rather than waiting for someone else to pay them for you. Be independent and make your own identity and you will know how happy you can be.

3. Have a social circle

No matter how occupied you are, take time and meet your friends once in a while. Get in touch with your old friends. Call them and talk to them. Reconcile with all your friends and cherish the memories that you created. Share things with your friends. This will make you feel happy. This will make you feel light. Having a friend circle will always make a person better.

4. Support your parents

Your parents might be independent but being there as a pillar of strength when needed is very important. Be it a financial support or a moral support never leave there side. You are what you are because of them. As a man has responsibilities for his parents, woman too has the same responsibilities for her parents. Since you are married off does not mean the responsibility is over. You should still take care of them and support them in all possible ways and make them feel happy.

5. Do what you feel is right

You don't have to stop yourself from doing something just because someone else does not like it. If you feel like doing something and if you are sure that it is not at all wrong then there is no need for you to be scared. You can go ahead and do what makes you happy.

6. Have kids when you are really ready

Don't have kids because someone else wants you to have one. It's people's tendency to give unnecessary suggestions and opinions. Have a kid only when you and your partner are ready. Remember a child is only your responsibility and no one who once asked you to have a baby will even bother once your baby is in this world. If you feel you are still not ready to take up a responsibility of a child then give it some more time but don't ever think of having a baby when you are not at all ready for it.

7. Raise your voice against domestic violence and when ever needed

This is the most important thing of all mentioned above. Unfortunately, even many educated woman face domestic violence yet keep quite without raising a voice against it. Remember, keeping quite will only encourage a person to continue it even in future. So be bold and talk about it to someone if you are into a abusive relation. Take help from your family and friends and put an end for the violence. Never keep quite and bear everything that is happening to you.

Tuesday, 22 May 2018

My most loved selfie

This is my favourite selfie of all and I am sure that it's gonna be my favourite forever. This selfie was taken in a place called Thekkady-kerala were we decided to babymoon before we welcomed our little bundle of joy.

I always have a special preference for travel and since the day my pregnancy got confirmed I was not allowed to travel much, it was just my home to office and office to home. And then even that had to be stopped as I was told to bed rest for a couple of months because of some complications. I was going mad staying at home between four walls literally doing nothing except eat and sleep. Though I had no physical activity, I was somehow mentally stressed and wanted to escape somewhere for few days away from everything and just relax. And after my first trimester when doctor confirmed that everything was perfectly fine and that I could resume back to my normal life, my first question was if I could travel and received a positive yes from the doctor with few safety precautions and guidelines.

I always dreamt of babymoon ever since I started planning my pregnancy and now I started making plans for the same. And when I put forth my thoughts before my husband, it immediately agreed to it and then we made proper arrangements and set for the most awaited trip. The pic above was taken on the last day of our babymoon. This pic will always be cherished because it was just me and my husband with freedom and liberty and doing things in our own time and our own way. And this pic was taken after I had a relaxing spa and body massage in Kerala which made me feel very light. And ofcourse, I was pamperd a lot at that time and i was given a special attention by everyone that made me feel even more special. Even now, we go on trips but it's always with a little one and we have to sync up according to her timings. Ofcourse, we love to travel with our daughter but it's not gonna be like before as we have our share of responsibilities.

Now, I wanna visit more places with my small little family and capture beautiful selfie with my husband and daughter using Mobiistar because Mobiistar gives an overall different selfie experience with its dual selfie camera having the capability of capturing a 120 degree wide angle shot. It is definitely going to be a lot of fun to capture beautiful selfies with our loved one's and making our selfie experience memorable. Everyone loves selfie. Who doesn't, right? Mobiistar will make our selfie experiences even more better to capture not just us but also everything around us. Wow! It sounds so exciting even to think of it.

Now, I am eagerly waiting for the launch of Mobiistar on Flipkart to order one and to experience the wonderful selfie moments. You can even visit to know more about it's features. 

A beautiful sunset

A beautiful sunset captured on our last trip. It is always very pleasant and soothing to view the sunset or the sunrise.